Household Disinfecting

No matter the size of the home that you own or rent, we can help sanitize your indoor environment. Having a professional come in and sanitize your home is a critical step toward peace of mind that your home is a safe place for your kids, loved ones and pets. We have weekly, bi-monthly, quarterly and one-time disinfection services. Our state-of-the-art Bio360+ microbial barrier creates a bio-barrier that will continue to destroy allergens and bacteria long after we leave, keeping items virtually germ-free for an extended period of time. Best of all, it is safe for humans and pets and can be used on virtually any surface.

Eco Friendly

Our natural disinfecting process is carefully applied by breaking it down to a micron level and is highly effective at destroying germs, bacteria and odors. 

Be safe All year long

HBC provides a comprehensive and affordable maintenance plan to help keep your home hypoallergenic and more sanitary. Ask us for more details

Having HBC disinfect your home will ensure a safe environment for your family and pets.

Imagine your home virtually free of allergens, odors and germs for months. HBC home and sanitizing service will come to your home and utilize a full arsenal of safe, natural technologies to destroy germs and allergens throughout your home, with lasting results.

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We use a careful system to deep clean each of your rooms on a rotating basis. This ensures each room in your home is always thoroughly cleaned.

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