Shine the Light!

As more and more businesses and homes are working to clean their establishments, it is taking more and more time. In fact, if you want to ‘really clean’, it is pretty much a full-time job. From top to bottom, hour after hour, every surface and every particulate. There just isn’t a way that it can […]


Is Your Air Clean?

In America, we don’t think much about clean air.  We have our occasional bouts with pollution, but overall, our air quality is something we have always taken for granted.  We qualify our air pollution levels by comparing to other countries that have to walk around daily with face masks in order to avoid inhaling the […]


Why Don’t You Sit and Dwell A While?

Cleaning is all the rage now. For those who have been at home for months on end, spring cleaning has taken on a new meaning. But cleaning for a healthy environment to remove potentially harmful pathogens is a bit more detailed. And maybe you aren’t doing as well as you think on that forefront. Take […]